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These photos are really important to me and it represents plenty of what this arrival to the Emerald Island was like ✨

Hope you guys enjoy it!


I used to celebrate St Patrick's Day since I was teenager, having a green pint and drinking as much as I could like an Irishguy would do. But I couldn't have imagined that in 2019 I would be in Dublin, celebrating my first festival in Ireland.

However, I returned to Brazil, the pandemic came and many things happened and changed in my life, althought, the feeling that I needed to return to Dublin was still very strong.

And here I am, 3 years later, my 2nd St Patrick's Day back to the place I chose to call home again 🇮🇪

The result are photos that represents a lot of the joy I'm feeling of being here again, of the world getting back to normal and my second chance to be at home 💙

Do you like the photos? Tell me your opinion in the comments bellow!

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Karine Almeida
Karine Almeida
May 02, 2022

I really loved the photos! ☘🇮🇪✨ They were wonderful just like you💚

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